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Liberty Brokerage is providing Liability, Comprehensive & Collision (Full Coverage) insurance solutions for your TLC & any other automobile to protect you in uncertain time. We guarantee financial security and peace of mind for you. We ensure the best service you are getting and paying a competitive price for your insurance. We have a very flexible payment plan and payment method for our clients. We are located in Queens & Buffalo in New York State. We have a dedicated team, who love to work with you. We speak English, Spanish, Bangla, Hindi, Nepali, Urdu, and Arabic language. We are confident to serve most of the people in the world in their language.


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TLC Insurance

To drive a For Hire Vehicle (Uber, Lyft, Luxury Limousine, Black Car, Car Service or any other Base), Green Cab, Yellow Cab, Ambulate, Access-A-Ride, in New York City or any other County in New York State you must have a TLC approved insurance. Liberty Brokerage will make sure, you have the right insurance to keep you safe and secure in any incident.

TLC Full Coverage


Comprehensive & Collision insurance known as Full Coverage Insurance”. Huge amount of people ignore this coverage and try to save few dollars, but in case of incidents, they lose a lot. Liberty Brokerage giving you the assurance that, you pay the least and get the most in the case of incidents.

TLC Service

Looking to apply new license, need a TLC plate, need to change Vehicle on the TLC plate, need to renew TLC License or Plate, trying to obtain surrendered TLC plate, got summon from TLC? You got a problem, we got a solution. Contact Liberty Brokerage.

Auto, Home & Business


Liberty Brokerage is your Shield in Auto and Home Insurance - We've Got You Covered at Every Turn. Driving Confidence, Securing Homes. You have a business! Liberty Brokerage has the best coverage for your business.

DMV Service

We are licensed Privet Service Burrow. If you need any kind of DMV Service like Automobile(Car), or Boat Registration, Renew, ID, Learner permit, Driver License or anything else contact us. We will help you to get it done.

Accident and claim

In the case of accident or incident come to us we will make sure that you getting the most from the liable party.

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